Welcome to Cape Fear Barter

Cape Fear Barter is a professional business to business barter exchange covering the greater Wilmington area. Barter provides business owners with an opportunity to save cash by leveraging their existing excess capacity to obtain goods and services they might not otherwise be able to enjoy. Barter also increases your potential for cash paying customers through your barter member connections.

A barter exchange is a group of local business professionals who are then connected nationally via a set of other exchanges and agreed upon barter rates. These business trade, or barter, services within the exchange. The exchange itself creates additional contacts for both barter customers and cash custoers as well.

Barter allows you to attract more customers at the same time you decrease cash expenses.

Within the Cape Fear Barter exchange business are able to trade what they have without a direct trade. This means you do not need to use the other member service today or ever if you have no need. Within an exchange you are not limited like in direct barter. The exchange helps bring new customer sources to you and it provides all members with a level method of accounting. Members receive a 1099B Barter form for the IRS at the end of the year. The IRS treats barter as income or expense accordingly.

Can your business produce more each day that it is currently producing? We call that excess capacity and your barter members might be interested in it! Join Cape Fear Barter today and

  • Start saving cash while increasing profits
  • Obtain new customers
  • Get new referrals to cash customers from Barter Members
  • Have fun spending your barter dollars on everything from dental cleanings to trips!

When you join Cape Fear Barter you barter with local members as well as thousands of other members in the network!

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